Speed Cameras – not quite operational after all.

As soon as I realised that signs were not in place I emailed the borough and this is the reply.
The cameras are not quite ready. The police have confirmed that the Station Road ones can be switched on but obviously Amey, the agent hadn’t received the news and the signs were not put in place. However Amey are going to put them in place as soon as possible. Pavenham Road lights are still not ready as the far light has still not been updated. Presumably the Police will also have to okay that road. as well. Watch this space. However I still urge everyone to continue to observe the speed limit for the safety of everyone.

Speed Cameras, Oakley

The Speed cameras in Pavenham Road and Station Road will be fully operational next week, the !st of September.  So watch your Speed.

The police are still finalising the the other sites in the village but however still practise going at 30 miles an hour or below that in the village.

Lovell Road, Oakley

Many parents in Clapham and the residents of the Lovell Homes Oakley are very concerned about the safety of the children who walk to Lincroft along this road.

I am with Jane Walker, the Clapham Borough Councillor following up your concerns about the danger to the children who walk along this road to get to school. We are discussing with the borough that the speed cameras in Lovell Road should be extended to cover the road to the Oakley village sign and also discussing with the borough to fund widening the footpath.

Pavenham Neighbourhood Plan launch

I had a very good time at the launch. It was great to see so many people there and meet with you and talk about Pavenham and what you hoped for the future. I met with the Chairman of Felmersham Parish Council. They are just beginning their Plan and he was looking for ideas.  We discussed how the surrounding villages could get together and share expertise and knowledge. I am pleased to say that this is already happening with Oakley, Pavenham and Stevington. Congratulations to the committee for working so hard to put on an interesting and informative display. The tea and cakes were excellent as was the wine. Thank you.

Pavenham Open Gardens on Sunday

I had a lovely time looking at the gardens. I saw two plants I hadn’t seen before and now I will try to track them down to join the collection in my garden. The cream tea was excellent. A big thanks to all the people who opened. I know that how much work goes into opening your garden. Also thank you to all the people who were serving the teas.

Pavenham Neighbourhood Plan launch

When – the 19th June from 3.00pm to 8.00pm and the 20th June from 10.30am to 3.00pm both at the Village Hall. The displays are about Pavenham Village and pose many questions for you to answer. What do you like about the vIllage , what could be better and most importantly your views and how you would like the village to look in 2032. Please go along and join in this great opportunity to have your say.