About Me

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as the local councillor for Oakley, Stevington and Pavenham within Bedford Borough Council.

Personal Background

I have lived in Oakley since my marriage. I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. My parents owned the Stevington post office and stores in the late 60s and early 70s which they sold to George Strong when my mother became ill. My husbandʼs family lived in Northill for many generations.

I believe my background helps to appreciate the problems and issues which affect our rural environment. I regularly walk the circular walk from Oakley, Pavenham and Stevington enjoying our beautiful countryside and sampling the food and meeting people in our pubs along the way.

I am independent as I believe that party politics have no place in local government and are often detrimental to the forming of reasonable decisions.

I have been the Independent councillor for Oakley for many years and for Pavenham and Stevington since May 2011 when the parishes were brought together, answerable to the residents and never to party political interests. Doing what is best for the community has been my driving force and whilst I have not claimed to solve all Oakleyʼs problems, I have always kept in touch, regularly asked for views on local issues and always do my best for residents. I am delighted to now be contributing regular updates to all three Parish Newsletters.

Borough Council

I have served on a variety of committees at the Borough Council, the Rural Affairs committee, Standards and the Planning Committee over many years as well as being a former Mayor. I have a good understanding of planning procedures and I will use that expertise and my knowledge of your villages when residents ask me to advise and help them in often complicated planning procedures.

Parish Councils

I understand the importance of Parish Councils in serving their residents and am a member of Oakley Parish Council and a representative on the Borough Council Town and Parish Council Forum.

Parish Councils and Other members of the public are able to attend the borough councilʼs planning committee and speak on planning issues. I am glad to say that all three Parish Councils and residents do this when appropriate.

My motto is “People Before Politics”. To me this means being ready to listen to people, to help them whenever I can and to serve them to the best of my ability, rather than blindly following any party line.

I have tried to tell you a little of who I am and what I try to do as a parish and borough councillor but do get in touch, by whatever method suits you best, if you have any questions and I will be pleased to help.


1 thought on “About Me

  1. I am very disappointed not to have received a reply to my telephone message of over a week ago. My telephone is 01234 825212.

    I cannot see how even Bedford Council can possibly take 14 weeks to do the required roadworks in Tavistock street. The engineers department appear out of control. The chaos in the town and the loss to businesses in Tavistock street will be extreme.

    Please advise me of the next suitable Borough council meeting at which I can put my views in person.

    John Hirst

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